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ProTEQ Solutions

We serve high-technology customers in all of New England and now in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

What we do:

  • We Provide Pre & Post-Sales Support for our customers locally.
  • We bring to you on-site consulting to help provide test solutions.
  • We Introduce New Technologies relative to your needs.
  • We arrange on-site evaluations, virtual demos and technical services.
  • We provide a single point of contact for Test & Measurement needs.
  • ProTEQ offers over 100 Years of experience with our Sales Engineers


JUNE 2024 | Introducing the NEW MI-BEAM Series
AMETEK Programmable Power is pleased to announce the new Sorensen™ Modular Intelligent-Bidirectional Energy AMplified (Mi-BEAM) Series. The Mi-BEAM Series is the newest addition to the AMETEK Programmable Power portfolio of high-power testing solutions. The Mi-BEAM Series features full DC source and sink capabilities with power levels from 12 kW up to 37kW. The Mi-BEAM Series is fully scalable up to 1.2MW with parallel systems. The available voltage ranges of 600V, 1,500V and 2,000VDC in a 4U rack height chassis provide full power up to 150A within a single system.
For further information about the MI-BEAM Series, contact ProTEQ Solutions.

March 2024 | ProTEQ Solutions now represents Ametek Compliance Test Solutions
AMETEK-CTS is a global leader in EMC compliance testing and RF power amplifiers. A leading provider of amplifiers and EMC testing equipment for the defense, medical, communications, and automotive markets. The acquisition of Amplifier Research Corp enhances AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions’ ability to provide a broader suite of solutions for attractive markets including electric vehicle testing and defense communications.

April 2024 | Introducing the NEW ASPS Series: Advanced Solar Power Simulator
Elgar™ Advanced Solar Power Simulator (ASPS) features either two independent, isolated 600W channels or a single 1200W channel. Voltage: 40 V to 220 V, Current: 2.72A to 20A. Industry-leading 2μsecond shunt switching recovery time provides the best power transfer for fast PWM shunt switching satellite PCDUs.
For further information about the ASPS Series, contact ProTEQ Solutions.

March 2024: Ametek Compliance Test Solutions has acquired Amplifier Research
Test and measurement company Ametek CTS has acquired amplifier design and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing company Amplifier Research. Amplifier Research is a leading manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) and microwave amplifiers and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing equipment. The acquisition complements the existing capabilities of AMETEK CTS in the electromagnetic compatibility testing market.

March 2024 | NEW CNT-102S Multi-Channel Frequency Analyzer
The Pendulum CNT-102 is a new affordable model in the CNT-100 family for super-performance Multi-channel frequency and time-interval analysis in a bench-top unit. You can track parallel frequency, phase, or time simultaneously on 2 input channels on the large graphic screen. These instruments feature gap-free measurements, and have 14 ps resolution, up to 13 digits/s frequency resolution, and a measuring speed of 1M results/s. CNT-102 outperforms any competing Timer/Counter/Analyzer on the market. For even higher performance, please check our CNT-104S, a 4-input Multi-channel Frequency Analyzer with 7ps resolution and a speed of up to 20MSa/s.