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ProTEQ Solutions

We serve high-technology customers in all of New England and now in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

What we do:

  • We Provide Pre & Post-Sales Support for our customers locally.
  • We bring to you on-site consulting to help provide test solutions.
  • We Introduce New Technologies relative to your needs.
  • We arrange on-site evaluations, virtual demos and technical services.
  • We provide a single point of contact for Test & Measurement needs.
  • ProTEQ offers over 100 Years of experience with our Sales Engineers



July 10th, 2023
Noisecom introduced their NEW J7000B for jitter noise generator generates additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) with a large crest factor to model “real world” random jitter. This random jitter is commonly referred to as Rj in the industry accepted jitter hierarchy model and managing Rj is critical to the performance and capability of high-speed communication busses and devices.  Click and find our more about the cool features!


July 10th, 2023
ProTEQ Solutions now represents In-Phase Technologies who is a leading supplier of Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems. Their expertise spans testing analog, digital, RF, microwave, fiber optic sub-assembly, or component performance. Our ATE systems are used by many companies’ engineering and production test staff.  Build-to-Print, Design, Digital & Analog, ITA’s and more!


July 10th, 2023

Dewetron releases ultraportable “NEX[DAQ]” System. is not only reliable, but also absolutely robust. Even water cannot harm it.  IP67 protection class, which means that it is dust- and waterproof over a longer period of time. Every common sensor is supported. Acquisition of voltages up to ±100 V.  additional signals such as voltages up to ±1000 V, quarter bridge, LVDT, current, vibration, IEPE, charge, thermocouple, potentiometer and RTD are possible through our small MSI sensor adapters.


July 10th, 2023

Anritsu announced that they’ve added 70GHz to their New Rubidium Series of RF/Microwave Generators.  They now deliver unmatched signal purity, output power, frequency stability and exceptional utility for a broad range of measurement applications across 9 kHz to 70 GHz frequency range.  Very low phase noise, close in and far out.  Atomic clock frequency stability and accuracy with Onsite level and frequency calibration.

Focus Microwaves

April, 6th, 2023
ProTEQ proudly announces new partnership with Focus Microwave as their new exclusive MFG Rep. in the New England Territory. Focus is a leader a wide range of non-50 Ohm measurement products and systems, from active and passive load pull tuners and noise characterization systems to pulsed IV measurements and bias tees.


April 6th, 2023
Anritsu announces New family of Field Master Products, these rugged handheld RF spectrum analyzers up to 4 GHz frequency range with optional real-time spectrum analyzer and cable and antenna analyzer. They feature interference hunting and 5G/LTE base station testing Spectrum Analyzer, Smart measurements including Channel Power and OBW, True Power Meter, AM/FM Demodulator, Coverage Mapping,10-inch-high resolution touch screen and more!